Abigail Wilson

"The Aether pulses through my veins like cold fire. You will not sway me from my task."



Once a rising star in the field of geology back on Earth, Abigail has changed dramatically since the crash landing on Cygnus-39 Echo. Gone is the mercurial youth whose calculations once predicted plate shifts and volcanic eruptions. In her stead stands a somber and determined young woman whose very will shapes the elements of the cosmos themselves. Her eyes smolder with unnatural energies, bandaged arms hide ritualistic scars, and odd effects follow her like a curse. If you ask her about it she calls those odd effects, “balance”. Most don’t care what it is called. They rush to push her out the door. To label her “witch”.


It is a title she greatly resents. It picks at her. It eats at her from the inside. It is the lump in her throat that keeps her up at night and prevents her from forming a ‘comfortable’ life after her rescue.

For now she has chosen to volunteer. To get away from the doctors and soldiers. From the stares and pointed fingers. She has chosen to travel into the wilds to help locate the last of the escape pods that are still transmitting. Often now in the furthest reaches and most inhospitable locations.

Maybe, too, she will find the control she needs to temper her ability.

“I was awake when the magister started the cutting. Normally a mancer needs only ‘one’ permanent mark. She gave me twelve, “just to be sure”. She deserved to burn in her home. To think now, though, that others are still out there. That they are still under the thumb of the Aren Empire that did this to me? I simply cannot countenance it. They need me now. Maybe as much as I need them."

Crash Location: Island Designation — 22B4.
Territory: Aren Empire (SE)
Crash Date: August 8, 2233
Rescue Location: 14.84, -16.34 (Sylvan Straights; Dominican Class Light Airship)
Rescue Date: September 29, 2235.
Colonial Security Officer on Duty: Adrianna Dumont

Summary: Abby crash landed on a small southeast Aren Empire island known colloquially to the natives as It’Vuel (“The Jewel”). The island houses a small factory complex and port designated for the production of linen and rope used in airship design. It also serves as a tourist destination for many — having several monuments left over from a previous war with an unknown race called The Eld.

Of six members in her cryo pod only five made it out alive (Silva Diaz passed due to a cryo-pod malfunction). Of those five only four made it through the evening (Shin Lee died when attacked by a wind viper while foraging for wood to make a fire). The rest,Abby and her sister Alice included, were picked up by an Aren patrol the next morning investigating the scene. With no weapons, and a security specialist Rashika D’vey as the only one with any former combat training, the group surrendered peacefully.

After interrogation, examination, and cataloging, the Aren parsed out the captives according to their ability and need. Rashika was sent to the Capital for further interrogation, a young man named Tamir was given to a wealthy household on the island to act as a servant, and Alice was sent to an industrial manufacturing hub to the North where they believed her insane ramblings (see: Engineer) could prove useful deconstructing and reconstructing of Terran technologies for use in the Empire. Abby herself was found to have a deep understanding of the natural world, in particular larger geological structures, and they gave her to a mancer they felt could utilize her capabilities.

Mulla Dar, a powerful and well known matter and energy Magister, put Abigail quickly to work. At first she did nothing but menial tasks. Cleaning up spills, putting away books, cooking food, and trying to piece together the Aren language. Over several months her tasks changed to that of transcribing her own geological knowledge to parchment while studying the unique geology of Eos. This life was unpleasant, but bearable. Unbeknownst to Abby however, Lady Mulla Dar had more insidious plans. She wondered if a human could learn the art of mancery. If they held within them the capacity to challenge the Aren not only in the realm of physical science, but also in the realm of ‘spirit’.

It was dangerous, yes. It could get Mulla Dar in a lot of trouble if her experiment went awry, but all knowledge worth having incorporated an element of risk. To mitigate the possibility of any retaliation Mulla had her soul mark tattoo’d onto Abigail’s left shoulder blade. Then, using a cup of tea, showed her what would happen if she ever stepped out of line.

Once satisfied that Abby was appropriately terrified, training began in earnest.

-A rough beginning. Abby appears to supplant the old Tai’lyn apprentice in the name of science. No one but Mulla Dar is pleased.
-Breakthrough. It looked like Abby might fail to properly manifest Mancery, but her capability spikes just as Mulla Dar considers shelving the project..
-Taken too far. Abby’s knowledge of Mancery grows too quickly. The old apprentice warns Mulla Dar of letting Molly advance too far. Mulla eventually agrees and shutters Molly’s training.
-Escape. A number of humans in the town plot an escape. Abby joins them, seeing no future except servitude with Mulla, and escapes. Mulla Dar is injured by another human attempting to escape at this time.
-Purpose found. Abigail feels like a freak amongst regular humanity now. Her experience creates a barrier between her and the others. She picks up as a creed the need to go help save those who have become lost.
-Nightmares. Mulla Dar is injured but not dead. Abby, due to Mulla’s mark still being on her shoulder, occasionally wakes up to shared fever dreams of her former master.

Abigail Wilson

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