Engineered For Appearancess in a Society Obsessed With Them

Brandon_Liao_Concept_Art_Illustration_Wizard-Step14-680x398.jpgNietzsche type transgenics are….. godlike in their beauty. Each one carries with her features that would not be out of place in some carefully sculpted holo-painting or equally striking work of art. Very often the kind of parents who sire these kinds of children are those concerned with the appearance of their station, the legacy of their name, and the future of their concerns. They opt to engineer the perfect children, with which to leave in their care an empire. As such Chromes, as they are colloquially called, tend to be given every afforded comfort at the cost of latchkey parenting and other invasive methods of parental control. Such control takes the form of behavioral conditioning, neural implants, or, for those who can afford it, genetically coded contingencies. The people who often have Chromes as children often ascribe to extreme and misguided theories of Social Darwinism and Randian philosophies, hence the namesake of Nietzsche. Chromes tend to be sheltered, treated as commodities or investments at best and unwitting slaves at the worst. It is because of this that few know perfectly well how to interact with others, and a lifetime of control tends to skew their ability to relate to other people.

Angelic Looks: Chromes gain the benefit of the 2-dot version of the “Striking Looks” Merit from the God Machine Rulebook. +2 to any social interaction where your looks play a key factor.
Disadvantage: People gain a bonus of +2 to remember you or recognize you. This can cause such a character to draw some unwanted attention at a critical moment.



Reflections of Eos Taida