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Earth, as it was, is a fresh memory in your mind. The dusty particulate-filled air, the brown muggy haze, and the dour skies all serving as both the choking cradle and fiery crucible from which you were thrust into the stars. Hard to believe that was near a hundred years ago. You are a colonist from Earth, having joined up with the Joint Venture in hopes of finding a new life on Barnard’s Star, 12 light years away. Your fleet departed the homeworld in December of 2147 and hoped to arrive by 2155. Instead, you have been in cryosleep for the better part of a century. The current year is 2236, and you find yourself on a strange new world full of abundance, alien castaways, dangerous life forms, and the many secrets of prior civilizations. You have taken it upon yourself to join the Pathfinder Initiative, an exploration and diplomatic organization composing the brightest soldiers, scientists, engineers, and people of talent the Colonial Alliance has to offer. 


Reflections is a game setting that is built atop the Chronicles of Darkness, Mirrors, Mirrors: Bleeding Edge, and Mirrors: Infinite Macabre source books and takes inspiration from Star Trek, The Expanse, and Star Ocean. 



Reflections of Eos

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