The First Colonists

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Naomi_Baker_Concept_Art_Illustration_girl_puffyeyes2-680x796.jpg The Ta’narri are as a race are probably the closest extant relatives to human beings. This comes as no surprise considering they were engineered from genetic human stock. Their current situation is a result of the same conspiracy which has stranded the colonists of the Joint Colony Venture on Echo. They were the first attempt of the God Machine to establish a foothold on Echo. The original genetic donors were abducted from the planet Earth over a period of a couple hundred years with the God Machine using its influence to orchestrate their creation. These early progenitors endured tortures so unspeakable that the Ta’Narri today retain imprints of this cruelty in their epi-genetic expression.


920e1d49fb1e3f19e32a52147e2b706e.jpg Physically the Ta’Narri resemble normal humans. They have similar organ placement, bone structure, and cardiovascular system. However, their are several external superficial differences such as grey or titanium white skin, iridescent hair , elongated canines, and genetically augmented eyes complete with exotic variation in irises. All Ta’Narri express externally female sex characteristics with only some being born with a vestigial Y chromosome that is genetically repressed.

Conventional reproduction among the Ta’Narri is next to impossible, a method of control the God Machine engineered into their stock. Individual Ta’Narri are born from the breeder tanks onboard the starship they landed in. It is speculated the god machine would use this as a genetic kill switch, figuring if something went wrong it could simply pull the plug and the Ta’Narri would die off after a generation.
A slight genetic quirk is that Ta’Narri cannot tolerate hot conditions above a certain temperature (40 Degrees Celsius or 105 degrees Fahrenheit). They have an extreme intolerance for heat above these temperatures that can be life threatening.

Ta’Narri are gifted with a form of brain to brain communication, having been engineered to posses a portion of the brain which acts as a natural quantum transponder. It is suspected, the god machine intended to use this as a way to exercise control over the Ta’Narri. This form of telepathy works between individual Ta’Narri and has a much more limited ability to communicate with species with a similar brain construction. Such as humans and Tailyn. The Ta’narri can transmit but can not directly hear their thoughts as these distant relatives do not posses the quantum transmitter organ.

Ta’Narri are uniquely adapted to be highly resistant to high levels of radiation that would normally kill a human. Their metabolism, cell cycle, and skin pigmentation all are designed to resist and repair the damage done by ionizing radiation. Given the fact the Ta’Narri don’t have access to Cryopod Technology, was probably a boon to them as they were traveling through the harsh environments of space.

Within the Ta’Narri population their are four subspecies with their own physiological differences. Roughly they are divided into the following:

Racial Abilities and Inabilities

Human Seeming: + 3 to pass as human.
Night Vision: Negate up to 3 Penalties due to darkness.
Sharp Fangs: DMG 1L: -2 improvised weapon.
Empath: Spend Willpower: Read the mental state/Aura of a single person.
Communicate: 1 way with only people of your species.
Pilgrim Culture: Ta’Narra Pilgrimage: Set a Goal to help your people as a whole and accomplish it. Gain 4 exp when accomplished.
Rad Resistance: When Exposed to Radiation as an environmental hazard, ignore one level of environmental penalties.
Disadvantage: When exposed to heat as an environmental hazard. Treat environmental penalties due to heat as one level higher.
Soldiers – Defenders and Protectors Settlers – Technicians and Engineers
Enhanced Musculature: Gain 8-Again Quality to STR+Weaponry, and STR+Brawl Checks.
Natural Armor: +1 Natural Armor.
Technical Mind: Gain some combination of 2 specialties in either craft or computers
Explorers – Scouts and Surveyors Scientists – Researchers and Healthcare providers.
Survivalist:9-Again on Survival.
Perceptive Mind: Spend Willpower – Gain +3 on perception tasks for a scene.
Analytical Mind: Gain some combination of 2 specialties in either science or Academics.


The Ta’narri were created by the puppeting machinations of the God Machine. Disappearances throughout history, varied stories of abductions, some of these can be attributed to the God Machine attempting to engineer for itself a race capable of acting as its pawns. Starting from the late 19th century onward the God Machine began abducting people and with the help of its servants created a shadow organization that attempted to re-establish contact with the lost components of the God Machine on the planet Echo. This attempt failed.

The God Machine Dispatched the Starship Orpheus as part of the Space Colonization and Exploration Initiatives first foray into interstellar space. The original Orpheus’s crew were murdered in their sleep by their secreted cargo of Ta’Narri. The ship was stolen, modified by the God Machine to be near-unrecognizable, and sent across the Galaxy to achieve its vile purpose. Somewhere along the line the control the God Machine had over the crew waned, and the crew in turn revolted. A bloody internal conflict led to the Orpheus crashing on the planet Echo in the summer of 2093 where the Ta’Narri have remained ever since.


The technology possessed by the Ta’Narri is at least as advanced as the technology used by the Joint Colony Venture, and perhaps even more so. They have access to several God Machine artifacts which are capable of feats that would be considered miraculous by current science. While these artifacts are not fully understood by the Ta’Narri, and are old and decrepit, their potency cannot be denied. Some relics are considered tribal treasures and are kept close under guard. The Ta’Narri Know nothing of Mancery and understand it as perhaps some glitch in the God Machine infrastructure on this planet.



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